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Share Your Story: A Cosmo Exclusive (Part 2)

Welcome back! We’re glad you’re here. In our last exclusive, we shared the stories of the first two tenants that joined our very first Cosmo location in Troy. In this exclusive, we will be sharing the stories from the first two tenants of Cosmo Canton, Zeinab & Yasmeen.

Zeinab is a mother to a beautiful toddler, and Yasmeen branched out of health care to follow her dreams. To find out how these two went from “future doctor” and “mommy, fresh off maternity leave” to Cosmo Experts, stay tuned!

Yasmeen did not start out in cosmetology, in fact, she was in her second year of medical school when she had a moment of clarity. She remembers being miserable and having a gut-punching feeling that she needed to make a change. That change was going to cosmetology school.

Zeinab had a different introduction to the cosmetology world- she knew school was not her strong suit, she was more of a kinesthetic learner. She reflected and came to the realization that the only thing she had a true passion for was hair, that’s when she knew she had to buckle down and go to cosmetology school.

When asked about her inspiration, Zeinab immediately said “Cosmo is my happy place, my daughter is my inspiration”.

Yasmeen stated that when a client comes in, and she can tell they are really hurting inside, the process of making them feel beautiful is the inspiration that continues to drive her.

The cosmetology world can be challenging, especially when it comes to starting your own brand and building clientele. Yasmeen told Cosmo that it took her about five years to really feel confident. She also said that for her to reach her full potential, she had to leave the salon she was at and push herself to get even deeper into the business.

She recalls having $500 in her account and thinking “ok, either build yourself up or cry about the money in your account”. Luckily for Cosmo, she built herself up and is an incredible addition to the Cosmo family.

Zeinab shares a similar experience, she had to completely rebuild herself, beginning with zero clients after her maternity leave. She did her research, invested a bit of money, and worked tirelessly until she felt secure.

When asked how Cosmo has helped these two talented ladies jump into their careers, Yasmeen replied “how has it not?!”, she credits the Cosmo management team with being genuine and understanding of her situation. Zeinab stated that because she is a mother, being in control of her schedule has been a huge game-changer. She also loves being able to run her business her way.

The advice these two Cosmo Experts give to people who are hesitant about branching out is to just do it. Yasmeen’s way of looking at it is that you can choose to push yourself now or be miserable for the next ten years and wish you had pushed yourself when you had the opportunity.

Zeinab agreed and added that if you are nervous, invest in classes that will help you run your business, or refine your skill. Yasmeen and Zeinab are talented hairstylists who, thankfully, took the leap of faith and joined the Cosmo Family.

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