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Cosmo Salon Studios in Troy

Own your own salon in Troy located
right on East Big Beaver Rd.

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A perfect location for your salon

Located right on Big Beaver, Cosmo Salon Studios Troy is easily accessible and close to major businesses. Owning a salon studio in Troy gives you visibility with thousands of shoppers. Cosmo Salon Studios will help you open your own salon with minimum startup costs, so that you can boost your income.



Why Cosmo?

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A place for all salon specialties

Cosmo’s salon studios in Michigan are run by beauty experts with a variety of specialties. This diversity helps each stylist find new clients thanks to their neighbors.

Cosmo has changed my life in many ways. Cosmo made transitioning into a small business so easy. I am so happy to be making my own schedule, my clients LOVE the privacy of my studio. Clients feel so special walking into Cosmo, the vibes of Cosmo studio is absolutely amazing. I truly enjoy going to “work”. Ricky has made the whole process so smooth. I will never find a place that meets all my expectations. I am so happy here & so are all my clients which means so much to me.

Zeinab AounStudio #37 Cosmo Canton

I have only been with Cosmo since Jan 2020. My suite-mate and I were in another suite up the road. The vast differences of how we were treated between the two suites was immeasurable. I know with Cosmo I can trust what they say, which for me has been one of the biggest struggles I have had dealing with businesses. It seems that others have forgotten the art of doing a business with integrity. They have proven they care about their tenants, and have treated us more like family than business partners.

Sheri PullinsStudio #28 Cosmo Canton

Cosmo Salon Studios is an amazing place! From the beauty of the decor, to the professionals who work there, it does not disappoint. The owners are incredible and truly care about their employees and guests, and it shows in the environment they have created. Whether you want to start your own business at Cosmo (like I did) or come in for a service at one of the Studios, you will find professionalism, quality, and comfort.

Bekah HeienStudio #27 Cosmo Canton

I moved my business to Cosmo Salon Suites a year and a half ago and am so happy I did! This is a business that operates like a warm, loving family making me feel like their favorite member. Ricky (or The management) is supportive and responsive in every way, unfailing in being pleasant and prompt with requests and generous with amenities. Well planned and thought out, this location is the best. My clients and I have been very happy here and will continue to be for years to come.

Kathy PartinStudio #19 Cosmo Troy

I was nervous at first to go on my own. When I met with Ricky at Cosmo Salon Studios he made me feel very comfortable and worked with me on what I needed to succeed my first year. I am soo happy that I made the move to Cosmos! I also love to see the reaction of my clients as well, they enjoy the ambiance and cleanness of the place. Looking forward to many more years to come at Cosmo Salon Studios.

Nagia GarmoStudio #10 Cosmo Troy

Cosmo Salon Studios

829 E. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, MI 48083

Custom looks

More design freedom

  1. Painted Walls
  2. Modern Wallpaper
  3. Vinyl Graphics

Custom spaces

One size does not fit all:

  1. Standard Suite
  2. Large Suite
  3. Double Suite
Cosmo Salon Studios suite sizes

Custom values

More money in your pocket

  1. Own your own salon
  2. Keep 100% of profits
  3. Personalize your own salon space