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Your salon. Your rules.

Escape the headache and drama of working for someone else.
Open your own salon.

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Salon Amenities

Your Space. Your Design.

Other salon studios give you a choice of two, maybe three salon designs. Good luck with that.

You are unique and we believe your salon should reflect that. We let you be you.

  • Paint your walls your colors–not theirs
  • Or hang custom wallpaper
  • Accent your walls with vinyl graphics

Get up and running.

Starting a business can be challenging. We keep the costs down for you by including the most expensive elements of running a salon:

  • Cabinetry for storage and products
  • Wash basin with all plumbing
  • Your own styling chair
  • Electrical, water and WiFi included
  • Full-sized glass locking doors

Focus on work–not headaches.

We’re business owners so we know the challenges you face. Raising enough capital to open is the big one. We make that easy for you and include other business perks you won’t find anywhere else. We want you to succeed.

  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Set your own pricing for services and products
  • Accounting and legal assistance
  • In-house cleaning (salons are responsible for cleaning their own spaces)

Privacy. Protection.

Keep your equipment and your products safe when you’re not there. We offer continuous security of each locked salon studio.

You have the keys. We have the security cameras.

  • 24/7 access to your space with swipe card entry
  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • Your own door keys
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Here’s how much money you could be making with your own salon

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