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Share Your Story, A Cosmo Exclusive

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. This is the first of many Cosmo exclusives. The first two tenants Cosmo ever signed have shared their stories and it’s only fair that we share them with you!

Nicki (formally known as NailChickNick) and Vaishali (formally known as Mom to her three little ones) were the first two tenants of Cosmo Troy, which was the first Cosmo location. Both of their stories are filled with drive, strength, and hard work. If you are nervous about taking the next step, hearing these stories may put your mind at ease and motivate you to take charge of your career!

Nicki got started with her nail journey in high school. She used to sit in the back of her marketing class and paint the nails of her friends, especially during homecoming season! When it came time for Nicki to pick a career, it was only right for her to become a certified nail tech.

Vaishali got started with her journey when she was a little girl. Her grandmother did not want her to just sit around during the summer, so what did she have Vaishali do? Thread her legs of course! Vaishali got so good at threading, it became second nature to her. Later in life, she became a mother and life got crazy…but that did not stop this strong woman from achieving her dreams. She drove an hour each way on Saturdays (in the winter) to obtain her esthetician license while also raising two children. So that is how they got started, but how did they end up at Cosmo?

Vaishali and her family had just moved here from Canada and she was ready to be her own boss. She had looked at other salon suite concepts and just wasn’t impressed with the aesthetic, and that’s when she came across Cosmo! The second she walked in, even though it was under construction, she was in love. She expressed that she was ready to lease, but her husband expressed apprehension due to Vaishali’s lack of clientele – she had just moved here, right? Then the ownerexpressed apprehension stating that perhaps she should wait until she had more of a steady clientele.

Vaishali stood firm in her destiny and let both of them know that she was determined, and no matter what, she was going to make this work! Vaishali gives Nicki quite a bit of credit, as Nicki sent her TONS of clients. Nicki’s reasoning for this was that the Cosmo team is a family and building each other up is second nature. Within the first year of Vaishali being at Cosmo, she expanded to a second studio. Pretty impressive, huh?

Troy Cosmo experts conversingNicki had a different situation as she owned a nail salon in Troy where she had several employees working for her. After that, she owned a small studio with a friend where she had a horrible experience with her landlord. Following that experience, she rented a booth and now she is at Cosmo! In her opinion, after owning different styles of businesses, there is nothing more economic than a studio suite. Vaishali and Nicki unanimously agree that being in an environment with talented professionals, such as Cosmo, inspires them every day. Nicki mentioned that at the end of each day, she scrolls through Instagram to see what each Cosmo Expert has created for the day, and she is so thankful to be a part of it. Vaishali stated that when she comes to work, she feels so at home and is so excited to come to work every day. She wants to inspire her children to chase after their dreams by watching their mother achieve hers.

These two Cosmo experts came in with two different situations, two different sets of “What-If’s”, two different skill sets, and both of them agree – if you are even slightly thinking about taking the next step, do it. Take charge of your future. These two spectacular women took the leap and you can too!

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