It’s your time to be in charge.

Owning your own salon has never been easier — or more profitable.

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Introducing the Cosmo Concept

Own your own salon. Without the hassle.

  • Everything you need to start your business with minimum start-up costs.
  • Boost your income and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Escape salon politics and drama in your private, secure studio.
  • Manage your own schedule with 24/7 studio access.
  • Personalize your salon space with your artwork, music, furniture and decor.
  • Set your own pricing for services and products.
  • Sell the retail products you prefer, and keep 100% of everything you sell.
  • Enjoy an intimate setting and give your guests the one-on-one attention they deserve.

How much more could I make?

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Custom looks

More design freedom

  1. Painted Walls
  2. Modern Wallpaper
  3. Vinyl Graphics

Custom spaces

One size does not fit all:

  1. Standard Suite
  2. Large Suite
  3. Double Suite
Cosmo Salon Studios suites

Custom values

More money in your pocket

  1. Own your own salon
  2. Keep 100% of profits
  3. Personalize your own salon space

What makes Cosmo better?

In a word: Simplicity

We make it easier for you to start and run your own salon. With unique salon designs by Ron Rae, and competitive rental rates, Cosmo salons are beautiful, affordable and located in prime locations.

Work for yourself. Now.

Face it. Working for someone else means less money, less freedom, more stress.

Every study shows people who work for themselves, doing what they love are happier, less stressed, and the money comes.