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Our Top 7 Favorite Scheduling Apps for Stylist

Offering scheduling apps that your clients have accessibility to allows your business to excel without you having to put any extra work in. In addition, it provides convenience and increases customer satisfaction due to its easy accessibility. Below are 7 of the best scheduling apps for stylists to use to increase automation and improve their business operations.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a powerful scheduling tool for stylists to manage appointments, client data, and online booking. 

It enables customers to easily view your availability and book appointments at a time that suits the two of you. 

With the help of this software, you can manage your availability round-the-clock, set up your schedule so that customers can book and change appointments, and collect client data by allowing them to fill out forms when booking an appointment.

Daysmart Salon Software

Daysmart salon software offers all the resources required for business administration, client recruitment, and appointment scheduling. 

As a salon receptionist available anytime, it helps to serve your clientele. Automated reminders, another fantastic feature of this software, allow users to confirm appointments rapidly and reduce no-shows by as much as 40%. 

Depending on the parts you’re looking for, they give you, as a stylist, a choice between three distinct bundles.


Setmore is an easy-to-use scheduling app that allows clients to make simple payments and book appointments anytime. 

This program has the advantage of being free for startups and small businesses, and it also enables you to update your plan as your company expands. 

Allowing your clients to make safe online payments lets you, as a stylist, get payment in advance. In addition, clients will be able to receive individualized emails or texts as appointment reminders which can lead to the number of no-shows being reduced.


Booksteams is an online scheduling software designed to benefit businesses all around the globe. 

This software is perfect for companies of any size and offers personalized client notifications, managing your reviews, processing credit cards online and even being able to manage your client database. 

It also provides an incredible feature: sync your calendar with book steam calendars to ensure all your information is in place.


Schedulicity is a support-based appointment scheduling software that allows you, as a stylist, to keep your day organized. 

It gives clients the independence to schedule their appointments and includes a tool that no other software offers. This tool is auto-rescheduling for clients who like to come at the same time and day every week.

Gloss Genius

Gloss genius scheduling is one of the most loved scheduling apps by stylists. It eliminates client friction as no signup or download is needed for it, just a one-time link provided by you, the stylist. In addition, it allows you to fine-tune your schedule and provides resources to protect you. 

This includes implementing deposits and keeping cards on file in cases of no-show visits.


Fresha is a scheduling software that allows you to take your business to the next level. This software is used for scheduling clients and marketing promotions, product inventory, online stores, and reports and analytics. 

The great thing about this software is that it is free and has no monthly fee. Optional features are the only time a fee would be charged, but that would be up to you as a stylist to decide what you want to include.

Overall, stylists must utilize the best scheduling apps for their business to excel. By implementing top-rated scheduling software such as Acuity Scheduling, Daysmart Salon Software, Setmore, Booksteam, Schedulicity, Gloss Genius, and Fresha, stylists can improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and grow their client base. These scheduling apps are known for their user-friendly interface, automated reminders, and various features such as online payments, client data management, and appointment rescheduling. Optimizing your business with the best scheduling software can increase your online visibility, attract more clients and ultimately drive more revenue.

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