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10 Ways to Optimize Your Time and Efficiency at Your Salon 

Time is more valuable than ever in our current climate. With all the distractions and uncertainties, it can be incredibly easy to lose track of tasks and create more work for yourself. 

While there are certain things out of your control (clients showing up late, emergencies, etc.), there are several things you can do to help increase your efficiency at your salon business. 

You shouldn’t expect to start incorporating all of these tips into your daily routine but committing to a few of them will pay huge dividends.  

Tidy Up Your Salon

This can positively impact your efficiency in many different ways. Not only does it ensure you won’t constantly have big cleaning projects, but it will save you valuable time on a day-to-day basis. How many times have you spent 5-10 minutes looking for something you misplaced? 

Clutter never lends itself to an efficient day. By creating a more organized workspace, you can focus more of your time on the things that matter. 

Use Scheduling Software

From mixing up appointments to appointments taking longer than expected, precise scheduling is vital to running a salon. Not only does using scheduling software help keep your appointments in order, but it saves you time by not having to manually reach out to clients and organize your schedule. 

By using a scheduling software, clients can book directly online and the software will automatically configure with your schedule and availability. You’ll have notifications of new appointments sent directly to your phone, and it helps your clients avoid no-shows. 

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Start Your Day EarlyEarly Riser

This is a bit of a double-edged sword. If you’re a night owl, waking up early could begin to have a negative effect. Getting your beauty sleep is just as important.

However, committing to a nightly routine and trying to get to sleep at a reasonable hour will help you start your day early. Arriving at your salon five minutes before your first appointment isn’t the best way to optimize your time efficiency. Get up early enough to go through your morning routine and arrive at your salon with plenty of time to set up your day.  

Know Your Limit

This one is important to not only your time but your overall wellbeing. Don’t try to jampack as many appointments as you can fit in a day. It creates a hectic environment and doesn’t give you any time to breathe or reflect.  

Take Care of Yourself

This goes beyond making sure you get the right amount of sleep. Making sure you’re eating right and getting enough exercise is vital to keeping you strong and healthy. In turn, this ensures you’re able to get through each day with enough energy and motivation to stay efficient. 

Eliminate Any Office Drama

While office drama can seem inescapable at times, it’s important to avoid it at all costs. Not only does it create extra stress and tension, but you’d be amazed at how much time we can spend gossiping and complaining about coworkers or other tenants. 

You never know what someone else could be going through in life. Putting any focus or effort into office drama will do nothing but take away from your productivity.  

Finish What You Start

This is the next level of procrastination. By starting a task and not finishing it, you’re creating more stress for yourself. It can stick in the back of your mind throughout the day and distract you from more important things. 

Not only that, but the feeling of completing a task is proven to give you a rush of endorphins. This gives you a sense of happiness and relaxation, which is something we all could use more of throughout the day. 

Plan Week in AdvancePlanner

Not only should you take a look at your appointment schedule but create a to-do list of things you want to accomplish in your salon. This is important whether it’s tidying up, completing that project you’ve been thinking about, or even planning things in your personal life. 

Take 30 minutes to an hour at the beginning of every week to plan out your important projects, appointments, and more. This will ensure you’re not wasting time on things that don’t matter as much in the big picture. 

Build a Routine

For certain people, routines are everything. While some still prefer to go through the day spontaneously, there are always things you should make part of your daily routine. From morning mediation to setting time aside to work on marketing your salon, things can easily get lost in the shuffle. 

While it might not be possible to plan your routine throughout the whole day, start incorporating a few simple things and stick to it. It’s not a routine if you don’t commit.  


Picking a few of these strategies and implementing them will make a huge impact. We don’t often notice how much time and energy we waste on things that aren’t essential. 

Another great way to increase your time and efficiency is by opening your own salon business. Cosmo Salon Studios has locations all over Metro Detroit and lets you be in charge. Set your own schedule, keep 100% of the profits, and escape all that drama in traditional salons. 

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