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The 10 Best Salon Scheduling Software

A common concern for many business owners that are considering starting their own salon is managing their schedules and appointments.

That’s why we created this list of 10 different salon scheduling software that you can use to manage your schedule and book more appointments. Keep reading to see which platforms are our favorites.

Booker by MINDBODY

Booker by MINDBODY is a digital platform that keeps online booking, marketing services, and payments all in one place. With Booker your clients can schedule, book, and pay right on your website without being redirected to a new webpage. Booker also integrates with Facebook so your clients can book directly on your Facebook page. With Booker, you will also have access to marketing features including social media promotions and discounts. Booker gives you access to your payment dashboard where you can manage payroll, commissions, client information, and more.

MINDBODY has three pricing tiers. The Essential package is the lowest price at $125 per month. This package is best if you are simply interested in managing schedules and having a simple payment method. The Accelerate package is the next at $195 per month. This package gives you everything within the Essential package along with marketing tools and retention features. The Ultimate is the most expensive. This package is $395 per month but gives you access to custom mobile apps, detailed analytics, and more.


Schedulicity is an easy online scheduling app that helps to manage your work schedule. On the app, you can add your services to your account and easily schedule them on your time. On your dashboard, you’ll see what appointments are coming up that day and you can edit or add appointments at any time. Within Schedulicity, you can also manage your client’s profiles and add new ones on the go.

Schedulicity is free to use to an extent. Within this salon scheduling software, there are several add-ons including unlimited appointment booking, payment, session-based package management, auto-billing, client text reminders, and multiple location management. If you are a small business looking for an easy-to-use salon scheduling software, Schedulicity is perfect for you.


Shedul claims to be the number one software for salons and spas. They are a simple yet powerful salon scheduling software that is free! Shedul gives you access to all of their features, free of charge. The features include appointment scheduling, client profiles, automated reminders and custom messages, activity dashboard, online bookings for customers, and POS sales transactions. Shedul will also integrate with your website and Facebook page to allow clients to book appointments right away. Because Shedul was made for salon owners, the features are perfect for any salon owner searching for a free tool.


Rosy is another online salon scheduling software. With the scheduling portion of Rosy you can book client appointments, access client history, and personalize automated reminders. Rosy also has a simple checkout so you can easily manage your cash drawer, gift cards, and all transactions. Rosy’s website is responsive which means it is mobile friendly. That way, you can easily manage your business on the go.

Rosy has two pricing packages: Standard and Premium. With the Standard package, you will receive the features listed above. With Premium, you’ll have access to marketing tools such as email marketing, enhanced text messaging, and more. From there, you’ll pay per employee. For example, if you are the only person within your salon, your fee is $29 for the Standard package and $37 for the Premium.


Timely has a wide range of features within its salon scheduling software. Not only do you and your clients have easy access to online booking on your website or Facebook, but you can manage your clients and provide a personalized experience, send automated reminders, sell products, manage your stock, track your performance on a dashboard, manage cash, and set up and manage a free website. Timely also has an IOS app so you can run your business anywhere.

If you are just starting your salon, the Schedule package through Timely is right for you. It’s $15 per month per bookable staff member and gives you access to the booking features. The Schedule & Sell package gives you access to the same features as the Schedule package along with everything you need to manage the retail portion of your store for only $5 more per month per bookable staff member. The Works package gives you access to everything but really only makes sense if you have between 10-20 staff members as it is $199 per month.

Square Appointments

If you are currently using Square for your transactions, then Square Appointments is the salon scheduling software for you. Square Appointments syncs with your personal calendar so your availability is always accurate so you and your clients can book appointments right away. You’ll also have access to client profiles and automated reminders. The point of sale is built right into the Square Appointments platform, making checkout and inventory management easy.

Square Appointments is free to use for individuals, however, Square takes 2.75% per tap, dip, or swipe. If you have 2-5 employees, you’ll pay $50 per month and 2.5% +10 cents per tap, dip, or swipe. Lastly, if you have 6-10 employees, you’ll pay $90 per month and 2.5% +10 cents per tap, dip, or swipe.

Simple Salon  

Similar to the other salon scheduling software we have mentioned, Simple Salon gives you a variety of booking and marketing features including SMS messaging, mobile-friendly platform, online bookings 24/7, reporting, accounting, and integrated payment. Simple Salon makes it easy to transfer your data into the platform and they provide training videos so you can quickly get started.

With Simple Salon, you’ll pay $19 per month for the Single package if you are the only employee at your company. If you have 2-3 employees, you’ll pay $49 per month for the Standard package. For unlimited staff members, you’ll pay $99 per month.


Genbook is a salon scheduling software that allows you to easily manage your salon business online. What makes Genbook unique is the integration with Google. Genbook will connect with major search websites, social media, online directories, and local apps to make sure your business appears where people are looking for salons in your area. Genbook also collects feedback from your customers after their appointments for you to share as reviews and star ratings on social media. You’ll also be able to link them to Google Search giving your reputation a boost. If you are interested in an automated marketing tool along with an online booking software, Genbook is right for you.

Genbook’s pricing is set up per staff member. If you are the only employee, your fee is $25 per month with Genbook. If you have 2-5 staff members, your fee is $49. If you have 6-12 staff members, your fee is $83 per month. And if you have 13 or more employees, you’ll have to contact Genbook for pricing.


With Schedulista, you get a public scheduling page where you can link to from your website and design your page to fit your branding. Through the platform, you are able to schedule appointments online, capture credit cards, and schedule posts to your Facebook page. Schedulista is another platform made for salon owners so the features are very useful.

Schedulista charges a flat fee per staff member. If you are the only employee, you’ll pay $19 per month. If you have between 2-15 staff members, you’ll pay $39 per month. If you have more than 15 employees, you’ll have to contact Schedulista for details. You can try Schedulista for free for 15 days to see if you enjoy the scheduling software.


Like other salon scheduling software, Vagaro has customer profiles, online booking, and a digital calendar. Vagaro also provides hundreds of templates for you to create your own website. You can customize your site to fit your salon’s look and feel. There is now a Vagaro mobile app for you and your clients to easily book appointments.

Vargaro’s pricing is also determined per employee and you can start a free trial to test the platform. If you are the only employee, the fee is $25 per month. Ten dollars is added for each additional employee using the software.

What is your favorite salon scheduling software? Tell us in the comments!

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