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10 Salons Designs That We Love

Your salon should reflect your personal style. At Cosmo Salon Studios, you can fully customize your space to give your clients a unique experience.

To spark your creativity and help with the design process, we made a list of 10 salon studios that we absolutely love! For more salon design inspiration, be sure to follow us on Pinterest.

Earthy and Relaxing Salon

This salon looks so relaxing with the plants and curved lounge chairs. The wood floors and white walls make the room look bright and clean. The shelves behind the basin are a great way to display your products without creating a cluttered mess.

Credit: ProHairTools.com (https://www.pinterest.com/prohairtools/)

Rustic Chic Salon

 We love this rustic chic salon! The circular, metal chandeliers and the exposed brick wall give the space an urban feel. The booths are separated into groups of two, which is a nice way to give your clients a more personal experience.

Credit: Mayra (https://www.pinterest.com/mayragarcia4766/)

Classic and Elegant Salon

This nail salon is so elegant. The monotone color palette makes the room look bright and clean. What gives this salon such a classic look is the marble floors, Victorian style furniture, and the beautiful chandelier. This nail salon is sure to give your guests an elegant experience.

Credit: Images Luxury Nail Lounge (https://www.pinterest.com/imagesluxnail/)

Simple and Modern Salon

If simple and modern is your preference, this salon fits that description. The rounded chairs, basic color palette, and mirrors are contemporary and set this salon apart from the others. The soft lighting in this salon is essential so that you have a good look at your clients’ hair and they can see the transformation.

Credit: John Woll https://www.pinterest.com/jizzlebird/)

Simplistic and Innovative Salon

This salon has such a creative way of storing its tools to prevent the space from getting cluttered with products, blow dryers, and curling irons. The large circular mirrors and funky chairs pop against the plain white walls and wood floors.

Credit: Marsha Davis (https://www.pinterest.com/alwayzmarsha/)

Glamorous and Pretty Salon

The features in this salon look very luxurious. Each space has its own large gold framed mirror, white vanity, and chandelier. With a glamorous salon design like this, clients are sure to tell their friends about your space!

Credit: Elle Magazine (Elle.com)

Playful Wall Decals

With Cosmo Salon Studios, we encourage you to get creative with decorating your salon. Try different wallpaper, paint colors, or wall decals! This salon’s wall decals look fantastic. The large white mirrors look great in front of the dark walls and subtle decal designs and it all contrasts nicely with the light wood floors.

Credit: Holcouture.com (https://www.pinterest.com/source/halocouture.com/)

Funky and Contemporary Salon

This salon is fun and has so many pieces that make it unique! The different patterned rugs and chairs add a pop of color to the white space. The floor to ceiling mirrors, chandeliers, and molding around the room making this salon a creative space for the most trendy stylists.

Credit: Eva Chen (https://www.pinterest.com/evachen212/)

Bright and Neon Salon

This salon’s waiting area is Instagram worthy with its neon sign, white walls, and palm tree pillows. With a waiting space like this, your clients won’t mind waiting a few minutes if you are running behind.

Credit: LoveDailyDose.com (https://www.pinterest.com/source/lovedailydose.com/)

Simple and Timeless Salon

This salon is very simple but will never go out of style. If you are someone who prefers a natural and straightforward studio look, then this design is for you. The wooden framed mirrors are the focal point of this classic design, adding texture and dimension to a simple color palette.

Credit: Loes Lucassen-Hoogers (https://www.pinterest.com/loeshoogers/)

We want to know which of these salon designs was your favorite! Are you a fan of the rustic chic or does a more contemporary design peak your interest? Tell us in the comments below.

Think you are ready to take the next step and design your own salon but don’t know where to start? Cosmo Salon Studios is here to help. We help you own your own salon, without the hassle. Contact us today to schedule a tour or reserve your space.

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