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Why Working in a Salon Studio is so Important During COVID-19

It is tough to predict what our world will look like once we come out on the other side of this pandemic. We are living unprecedented times and just trying to find ways to cope.

Many of us will have to develop new routines and habits as a result. But what does that mean for the salon industry?

The beauty sector is estimating that 25 to 30 percent of traditional salons may not survive the crisis.That is a staggering statistic when you think about how many beauty professionals will be left without a job.

However, not all hope is lost. The main reason that traditional salons will face a challenge is the fact that they are not set up to handle social distancing and sanitary guidelines. Salons are used to having packed waiting areas and a client in every chair, side by side.

Even by limiting the number of clients allowed in the building, many salons have to limit the number of stylists they are allowing to work. Beauty professionals are being told when and how they are able to work.

While the day might come where salons can go back to normal business, it is extremely difficult to predict when that will happen. Because of all this, many stylists and technicians are left wondering what their future holds.

Why Salon Studios?

While some would argue that salon studios have always been a better business model for stylists, it is certainly the case now. These studios can accommodate post-virus protocols much more efficiently and safely.

Traditional salons have to share equipment, counters, chairs, sinks, and work services. In a salon studio, each salon is sectioned off in its own room with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors. There is no sharing of equipment or space which means that each studio can be completely contained.

It drastically reduces the risk for both the stylist and client. You can style in your own suite and sanitize after each appointment. There are no waiting rooms or large service areas where people will come in contact with dozens of other patrons.

Working On Hair

Salon suites are intentionally designed for private, one-on-one appointments. This has made places like Cosmo the perfect solution to meet new health and safety protocols.

Another benefit for beauty professionals is that they become their own boss. When you sign up with Cosmo, you are completely in charge of your business. You can set your own schedule and work exactly how you want. You pick the services, products, and prices you want to offer.

You won’t be limited to a certain number of days or hours you can work. You’ll no longer have to worry about burnout and not getting enough time off. You can work exactly when and how you want – and keep 100% of your profits.

As opposed to working off commission, this will allow beauty professionals to only take one client at a time and still be profitable.

How Cosmo Can Help

Cosmo has helped countless beauty professionals open their own salon. Aside from business coaching and promotion, we are doing everything in our power to make Cosmo Experts and their clients feel safe in the current climate.

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Cleaning is happening at a set frequency with high-quality disinfectants, and hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in each of our locations. Studio owners are being provided with all the necessary supplies to ensure the safety of everyone who comes into the building. Every Cosmo Expert will be provided with gloves, masks, and disinfectants.

We also know that these are obviously trying times for many people. That’s why we have launched the Cosmo 60-Day Guarantee. If you sign up with Cosmo now, you will receive your first month of rent for free. Not only that, but your second month of rent is 100% refundable!

Cosmo is doing everything it can to help empower beauty professionals. It is our mission to make Cosmo a safe and private space for you to social distance with ease and comfort. Our private salon suites are ideal for following all CDC guidelines and protocols.

Don’t wait another day to start your new journey! Even though these are trying times, that does not mean you shouldn’t pursue your dreams and goals. This is the perfect opportunity to take that leap and become a salon owner!

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