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Ways to Organize Your Salon Studio

Staying organized in your salon studios is important.

Not only will it help with your productivity and efficiency, but it will help to keep your space looking nice with low maintenance. At Cosmo Salon Studios, we provide the cabinetry, water basin, styling chairs, and more, but you choose how to want to organize and decorate your space. From wallpaper to shelves, you have the freedom to make your space your own. To get you inspired, we created this post with helpful salon organization tips. Here are some ways to organize your salon studio–and stay organized.

Label or color code products

Hairstylists are known to have a large variety of products. Keeping these products organized is the key to preventing clutter. What often helps to keep your products organized is labeling them. Whether you organize your products by its purpose, color, or how frequently you use them, label the drawer or shelf so that you don’t have to go digging through the products each time you need to use them. This method will help keep your salon studio tidy so you can avoid having to constantly clean.

Use shelves for upward space

At Cosmo Salon Studios, we offer three room size options: The Standard Suite (125 sq ft), the Large Suite (165 sq ft), and the Double Suite (250 sq ft). Even if you choose the largest room, organization tricks always help to keep your space looking nice. Using the upward wall is a great way to utilize the space. Hang shelves, within arms distance, and display your most used products on top. Not only will it look cute, but it keeps your products off your table and free from clutter.

Reduce cord space

With a variety of styling tools such as blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons, a hair stylist’s station can often be cluttered with cords. Investing in a cord organizer to hold each of your tools will help to illuminate that mess. From hanging tool caddies to the table top to dressers with built-in storage, there are so many options for cord organizers. Another way to reduce this cord clutter without buying a tool caddy is to hang your tools in a closet or cabinet. Stick hooks to the back of the door and drape the tools from them. Shut the door when you don’t need them!

Store cleaning supplies

The key to maintaining an organized and tidy salon is to always have quick and easy access to cleaning supplies. Always store a broom, Clorox wipes, paper towel, and a Swiffer wet jet in your closet. After each client’s appointment, sweep up the excess hair and wipe down the chairs. At the end of each day, use a Swiffer wet jet to mop up the floor and wipe down all of the countertops for a fresh start to each morning.

How do you keep your salon studio organized? Tell us in the comments below!

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