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Ways to Tell Your Clients You Are Switching Salons

So you decided to start your own salon with Cosmo Salon Studios but you don’t want to lose your current clients.

There are many ways to tell your clients you are switching salons and ensure they come with you to your new location. It’s important to remain transparent about your transition, without bashing your current salon. Here are some ways to tell your clients you are switching salons.

Send a Post Card with a Photo of Your New Location

If you have access to the addresses of each of your clients, send them a postcard several weeks before your move. This will give your client some advance notice to prepare for the transition. Include photos of your new space on the postcard along with your new address and contact information. Make the postcard personal. Whether that means hand writing each card or telling the reason why you decided to make the switch, your clients will appreciate your honesty and effort.

Offer a Discount for Their First Time at Your New Location

For clients who may seem apprehensive about transitioning to a new location, offer a discount for their first appointment at your new location. Discounts are great incentives to get clients to stick with you. Determine what you believe is a fair promotion that fits your business and financial plan. Spread the word by sharing this promotion through email, social media, or on the postcard you send out. You may be able to get new clients through this promotion as well!


Post photos of your New Location on Social Media

Another way to tell your clients that you are moving is by sharing it on social media. Cosmo Salon Studios gives you the ability to design a space you can be proud of. Share pictures of your space on social media to give your clients an idea of where they will be getting their hair done. This is another opportunity to share your reason for leaving your current salon and how excited you are to start the journey of becoming your own boss. Make sure to leave your new address and contact information, so your clients know how to get ahold of you.

Call Clients with Upcoming Appointments in Advance

For clients who have appointments within two to three weeks of your move, call each of them directly. While it may be time-consuming, it’s respectful to give each of your clients enough notice before you move to your new salon. This is especially important if you know certain clients haven’t heard about your transition directly from you. You wouldn’t want your client to show up at your old salon for their appointment because you forgot to tell them. That could ruin your relationship with a client. While calling each person might be a lot of work, it’s worth it to preserve your relationship with each of your clients.

Focus on Building Relationships with Your Clients

Whether you are planning to transfer to a new salon or are content where you are, it’s important to focus on building and maintaining relationships with your clients. When your clients trust and respect you, they not only will stick with you as you move locations but they will feel comfortable referring their friends and family to you. Always maintain a pleasant and polite demeanor, be open to conversation, remember what people said in their last visit so you can ask about it.

Ready to make the switch and start your own salon business? Get started today with Cosmo Salon Studios.

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