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Zemona | Studio Z face and Body

Suite #8 Birmingham

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What I Do

  • Stretch mark/Scar Camouflage tattoo
  • Inkless Revision for scars and stretch marks

Studio Z Face And Body can help you minimize the appearance of your scars or stretch marks by using a minimally invasive tattoo pen (similar to micro needling) to pinpoint and treat the areas of concern. Zemona is the first and only person to offer this kind of treatment currently in Michigan. Scar Camouflage is a method that uses skin tone inks that are tattooed into the areas of skin that are missing pigments. Ink-less Scar Revision is a method that uses a special formulated serums that is needled into the scar or stretch marks to help improve color and texture. Both treatments are meant to help blend in your scars and stretch with the surrounding area of skin. Depending on the circumstance one or both treatments may be applicable.