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Stayce Jimenez | Moonlight Spa

Suite #4 Canton

(313) 228-6857

My Hours

  • Mon by appointment only
  • Tues by appointment only
  • Wed by appointment only
  • Thu by appointment only
  • Fri by appointment only
  • Sat by appointment only
  • Sun by appointment only

What I Do

  • Hair Removal

Find a new way to love yourself even more! Our goal is to enhance the beauty that already exists, but HAIR FREE 💓

Laser hair removal delivers an alternative to waxing and shaving, our technology is one of the most effective systems for hair removal today. Enjoy the convenient cooling features for comfort , fast and PAIN FREE treatments . Our 808nm wavelength laser can target different hair type and skin tone ! It deeply and safely penetrates the skin to destroy hair follicles , prevents the growth of ingrown hairs, & eliminates darkness in areas!

Sincerely, Laser Babes ❤️