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Katie Cruz | Esmeralda Spa

Suite #4 Canton

(571) 544-8141

My Hours

  • Mon by appointment only
  • Tues by appointment only
  • Wed by appointment only
  • Thu by appointment only
  • Fri by appointment only
  • Sat by appointment only
  • Sun by appointment only

What I Do

  • Laser Hair Removal

Our goal is to enhance the beauty that already exists, but HAIR FREE


Laser hair removal delivers an alternative to waxing and shaving, our technology is one of the most effective systems for hair removal today. Enjoy the convenient cooling features for comfort , fast and PAIN FREE treatments . Our 808nm wavelength laser can target different type of hair and skin tone ! It deeply and safely penetrates the skin to destroy hair follicles , prevents the growth of ingrown hairs, & eliminates darkness in areas!