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Swedish Massage: Swedish Massage or relaxation massage incorporates several traditional techniques including: compression, petrissage, and kneading with light to moderate pressure. Consider this massage for significant stress relief, increased circulation and pain relief. To fully enhance the relaxing feel try it with aromatherapy.

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue Massage concentrates on the deeper layers of the skin focusing on the more problematic soft tissue areas. Consider this massage if you have work related posture problems and ongoing stress related tension primarily in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Prenatal Massage: Prenatal Massage is geared to our mommies to be. The prenatal massage helps to reduce: stress hormone levels, swelling, and muscle soreness from the low back, legs, and hips.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage: The Himalayan Salt Stone Massage uses a 100% Himalayan Salt Crystal with 84 natural minerals and salts. The Himalayan Stone uses a deep to medium pressure over the entire body. The warmth of the stone helps to alleviate tension through every stroke and leaving a light exfoliate on the skin.

Sports Massage: The Sports Massage is a variety of techniques geared for that active lifestyle. It helps to prevent sports injuries, lack of joint mobility and pain reduction following strenuous activity. Sports massage helps to facilitate healing from: shin splits, plantar fasciitis, and tennis elbow just to name a few.

Massage Enhancements: 100% Pure Essential oil blend that leaves you feeling soothed and relaxed. Enjoy a 15 minute scrub exfoliate that aids in decreasing stress and provides a cheerful mind.

*Available as a foot or hand scrub*

Tranquility Facial Mask: If you are looking to reduce stress and improve mood all while mosturizing your face, then the tranquility facial is for you. It is a combination of three 100% pure essential oils. The combined oils leaves you feeling relaxed and hydrated.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage: Enjoy your choice of a warm essential oil to be massaged into your scalp and neck for increased circulation and deep relaxation.