Profitable and Painless Ownership for Artists Like You

Tattoo and Piercing Studios for Rent

Enter the realm of body artistry at Cosmo Salon Studios, where your talent for piercing & tattoos takes center stage. Design a personalized suite that reflects your edgy and unique style. Create a tattoo and piercing studio that fosters self-expression and showcases your expertise in the art of body modification. Welcome to a space where individuality meets creativity.

piercing and tattoos professional
Cosmo Salon Studios is a very high-end place! You walk in and out feeling amazing. The inside is something you’d see in a magazine. You will never find a studio like this one. Whether you’re a stylist here or a client, it feels great being in there.
Zeinab Aoun
This is a place of nothing but professionals. All sorts of beauticians operate here, nails, hair, barber, make up and more! Perfect central location in Canton!
Jason Heien
Cosmo Salon is a dream coming true for me. Every client that walks in Cosmo loves the concept, professionalism, cleanliness and privacy. Cosmo has given me my career. Cosmo salon is willing to help you to succeed in your business in every way they can.
Yuva Brows & Beauty
All my clients love my new location and are very impressed. Ricky who is the owner is a wonderful helpful men! He’s always trying accommodate our needs to the fullest. His team is also a great help and always willing to help get our studios ready ASAP for our clients. I can’t thank him enough for standing with us in this crisis and not charging us for the rent!
Sahar Abuhadma
Cosmo Salon Studios is the best salon suite concept in the area. I moved from a commission salon and I am so happy I did. They make the move easy and give you everything you need to make business and the transition so easy. It is clean, washers on site, windows everywhere for natural light, and we have our own break room!
Morgan Cusamano
I love being apart of Cosmo! Ricky is the best landlord out there. They genuinely care for everyone here and I look forward to the future.
Cosmo Salon Studios is an amazing place! From the beauty of the decor, to the professionals who work there, you will not be disappointed with your visit. The owners are amazing and truly care about their employees and guests, and it shows in the environment they have created.
Rebekah L. Heien
They were there to answer any questions about starting a business, and made the transition super easy. It’s the best way to own a salon without the overhead of a big salon! I Highly highly recommend Cosmo Salon Studios for anyone in the cosmetology field looking to venture out on their own!
Justine Hepp

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Cosmo Salon Studios

Claim Your Independence

Elevate Your Earning

Experience an average additional income boost of $1,200 per month when you choose a tattoo and piercing suite at Cosmo. Keep 100% of your profits and take control of your financial success. 

Create Your Space

Design your salon space to reflect your unique style. Your suite, your rules. Personalize your surroundings to enhance your clients' experience. 

Flexible Schedule, 24/7 Access

Manage your own schedule with 24/7 access to your private tattoo and piercing suite. Say goodbye to salon politics and drama. 

Tour Cosmo Salon Studios

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Prefer a phone conversation? Reach out to us directly at any of our locations, where our team is ready and available to assist you.

Tattoo and Piercing Suite Rental Process

Your Path to Independent Success

Explore Cosmo’s Locations

Discover the diverse range of salon suites available. Find the perfect space to kickstart your independent journey. 

a Tour

Book a personalized tour to explore the studios firsthand. Choose the tattoo and piercing suite that resonates with your style and vision. 

Your Lease

Our transparent leasing process ensures you understand every detail. Sign with confidence, knowing your dream suite is now officially yours. 

Design Your Salon Suite

Collaborate with our design team to bring your vision to life. Enjoy exclusive discounts on furnishings and decor—because your salon should be as unique as you are. 

Set Up
Your Business

Step into independence with support at every turn. We provide the resources and marketing assistance to help you thrive. 

Own Your Salon, Own Your Success!

Macomb Grand Opening

In celebration get the first month rent-free!

Simplifying Your Path to Business Success

Yes, a valid and current piercing or tattoo license is a requirement for renting a suite. It ensures that you and your clients experience a safe and professional environment.

Absolutely. Personalization is key at Cosmo Salon Studios. Design your suite to showcase your individual style, creating a welcoming and artistic space for your clients.

Our piercing and tattoo suites come equipped with essential tools, chairs, and stations to facilitate your craft. Enjoy a fully equipped space designed to enhance your piercing and tattooing experience.

Yes, indeed. You have complete autonomy over your schedule at Cosmo Salon Studios. Set your hours to accommodate your workflow and provide flexibility for your clients.

Absolutely. You have the freedom to retail your own merchandise or showcase your artwork in your suite. Enhance your brand presence and offer unique products or pieces to your clientele. 

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