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How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

One of the biggest concerns we hear in regards to starting a salon studio is how much work is required to run your own business.

The salon studio concept was designed to make starting and running your own business easier. In this post, we’re explaining how owning your own salon with Cosmo Salon Studios allows you to work smarter, not harder.

Be in Control

Owning your own salon studio means having total control. Not only can you personalize your space with artwork, furniture, music, and décor, but you will also have control over your time. You’ll decide when you work, how many appointments you have, and your pricing structure. Being in control of your salon gives you the freedom to work smarter, not harder and plan more effectively.


Utilize Technology

Nowadays, there are so many different programs out there to help with running your business. From managing appointments to processing payments to managing customer profiles for marketing, there a platform out there to help you run your salon. We hear many reservations from people about starting a salon, but one of the most common concern is about having to manage the billing and payments. With salon software, you don’t have to think about it. You can automate billing, marketing, and more to make salon management easy.


Manage Your Time

In addition to concerns about accounting responsibilities, many people are concerned about time management when it comes to owning your own salon. There are so many different salon scheduling software available to help manage your schedule. We wrote this blog post with a list of different salon scheduling software for you to determine which platform is right for you. Being in charge of your time isn’t always a bad thing. Having control of your schedule means you have the flexibility to work certain days and times that are best for you–allowing you to work smarter, not harder.


Delegate Tasks

At times, working smarter not harder means handing off tasks that don’t require your attention. Hiring assistants to help allows you to double up on clients while putting in half the work can make a huge difference in the amount of time spent at work. Even having someone come in to help you sweep hair or clean your tools can help a lot. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to make your workload easier.


Communicate Effectively

Communication is key, in all circumstances. Being open and flexible with clients and other staff members is the best way to make sure things run smoothly. Having open communication helps to build trust and improve relationships and makes owning a business run much more smoothly.

We hope these tips to working smarter not harder help you to run a successful business or help clarify some of your concerns for opening your own salon.

Ready to start your own salon? Cosmo Salon Studios can help! Contact us today to reserve your space!

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