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How to Promote Your Salon During the Holidays

The beginning of November marks the start of the holiday season – at least for the marketing calendar.

Tis the season to start booking more clients, selling more products, and spreading the holiday spirit. Here are some unique ways to market your salon during the holidays.

Decorate Your Salon for the Holidays

Give your studio space a little bit of holiday cheer by adding festive decorations. Put up a small tree, hang tinsel, or stick snowflakes to your studio’s walls. Switch your usual Pandora station to a Christmas station. These small updates will help to get your clients in the holiday spirit and can make for a great conversation starter – “What are your plans for the holidays?”.

Holiday Promotions

The holidays are the best time to run promotions. Offer incentives for clients who book appointments during this time or give discounts on certain retail products. Take advantage of the major shopping days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Running special promotions on these specific days creates a sense of urgency for shoppers and can help to bring in more sales and appointments.

Gift Cards

During the holidays, husbands, friends, and children are searching for gifts to give their wives, friends, and mothers. Gift cards are great gifts for them to give! Encourage customers to purchase gift cards digitally through email and social media marketing or in person with walk-ins or after their appointment.

Send Holiday Cards

Nothing says “holiday spirit” like sending a holiday card to your clients. Not only is it an opportunity to share how much you appreciate each of your clients but you can also provide them with coupons or discounts to use during the season. Just grab some holiday cards and write a meaningful and personalized letter to your regular clients.

Create Gift Packages with Retail Products

Pushing retail products during the holidays is a must. Create gift packages with a few products wrapped nicely with a bow and display them on a shelf by the front desk, in the window, or near your checkout area. Cute packages make easy gifts for your customers to give to their family and friends and also gets rid of some of that lingering inventory.

Partner with Other Local Businesses

Partnering with local businesses can be a great way to get new clients in your doors. Reach out to the massage therapist down the hall of your salon studio or the nail technician and offer a package deal for each of your services. Having a variety of services in your salon studio gives you the flexibility to customize packages based on your client’s needs.

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What is your favorite way to promote your salon during the holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!

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