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How to express gratitude to your clients this holiday season

Showing the people you value how much you appreciate them is very important, especially during the holidays. It’s the little gestures that your clients will remember and cherish forever. This season is about giving and showing the ones you love most how much you appreciate them! When expressing gratitude to your clients, this holiday season is sure to spread love and joy.

Sending a handwritten note

There is something about a handwritten note that will never go out of fashion. If you take a second to think about the last time you received a handwritten note, you may realize that it was a very long time ago.

Giving someone a personalized letter will not only allow them to see that you care but also gives them a message they can read forever. It may take a few more minutes to put together a handwritten note, but the thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed. Customers will appreciate it, and it will be something they will talk about anytime they think of you.

Customer appreciation day 

Picking a day during the holiday season for customer appreciation is one way to express gratitude to a client. National Customer Appreciation Day takes place on April 18. However, December is the perfect month to hold customer appreciation days during the holiday season.

Some examples of what you can do to honor your customers are special offers or discounts, refreshments, and entertainment. Make this day all about them, by organizing a customer appreciation day entails purposeful interaction with your clients to demonstrate how much you value them.

Reach out via Phone call or Text

Reaching out to your clients via a phone call or text and thanking them for their business is a straightforward and beneficial way to show gratitude.

Now more than ever, there are numerous apps and editing software to help you create a personalized message; check out a list of the top texting apps here: It can be as simple as “(I wanted you to thank you for your continued support to my business ” this sincere message of thanks can show your clients that you are grateful for their business and value their relationship.

The best part is you can use these same apps as marketing tools to promote special offers and reminders about upcoming events.

Making a Charity donation

Donating to a charity on behalf of your clients is a way to give back and show your gratitude at the same time. This could be a charity that is relevant to your business, such as an organization that supports a cause that is important to your industry.

Alternatively, you could donate to a charity that is near and dear to your client’s hearts. Setting up a poll on Instagram asking, “Which charity should I donate to this holiday season? It can give you some good insight into what foundations they may want to support, such as a local animal shelter or food bank.

This idea won’t only make you feel good but your clients as well, especially if you explain that your motive is to donate in honor of all of them!

Host a Holiday Party

Who doesn’t love a holiday party? Hosting an event is a fun way to gather your friends, family, and clients to show how much you appreciate them. Incorporating some fun holiday games like the ones linked here will be a fun way to celebrate the holidays and show your gratitude to one another.

Another idea would be inviting your clients to a cocktail party or dinner that can make them feel special. Any event where you gather people together is what the holidays are all about!

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