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Five things to know when moving into your own Salon Suite

Are you considering taking the next step and starting the new year in your own salon suite? Here are five things you should know when moving into your salon suite. 


The location of your salon suite is crucial in determining your business’s success. Therefore, choosing a location that is convenient for your clients and has sufficient foot traffic is essential. 

Some factors to consider when selecting the location include parking availability, safety, and competition from other salons or businesses in the area. 

By carefully considering these elements, you can ensure that the location is the right fit for your salon suite.

Utilities and amenities 

It is essential to understand which utilities, such as electricity, water, and internet services, are included in your rent for a salon suite. These utilities may come at an additional cost you may not consider in your budget. Some salon suites offer fixed pricing for utilities, while others require separate payments for these services.

When searching for a salon suite, it is common to consider the available amenities. These amenities can make your business more convenient and comfortable for you and your clients. 

Examples of amenities may include a laundry facility for towels and linens, a combined break room with a refrigerator and microwave, and decorative elements such as chandeliers.

Cosmo Salon Studios offers a range of amenities, including the ability to customize your space, styling chairs, cabinetry for storage and products, and full-sized glass locking doors. 

To learn more about the amenities available through Cosmo Salon Studios, you can visit their website or contact them directly by clicking here.

Suite Sizes 

Customizing a salon suite to fit your needs is an exciting aspect of the business. However, it is essential to consider the size of the suite and how it will fit your needs. 

The size of the salon suite will impact your efficiency and the comfort of your clients. Consider the services you offer now, what you might want to do in the future, and whether or not you wish to sell retail products. 

If the salon suite is too small, it may feel cramped and cluttered, but if it is too large, it may look empty and dull. It is also worth considering whether you could have multiple suites next to each other to increase your working space and how this would impact your business. 

When searching for a salon suite, consider all of these factors to find the best fit for your business.


As a salon owner, it is essential to understand who is responsible for maintenance and repairs in your salon suite. This will impact the smooth operation and efficiency of your business. 

Being responsible for maintenance and repairs can be time-consuming and costly, taking away valuable time with clients.

On the other hand, if the salon suite owner is responsible, you can focus on providing exceptional service to your clients without disruptions. To minimize disruptions during your working time, it is essential to understand who will be responsible for handling any unforeseen events. 

As you search for a salon suite, consider this factor to ensure the best fit for your business.

Suite reputation 

It is essential to consider the reputation of the studio where you plan to rent your salon suite, as it can impact the success of your business.

A salon with a good reputation and expanding locations is likely to attract more clients, which can lead to increased profits. The representation of the studio sets a baseline for your client’s experience, and it is important to ensure that it is professional. 

The studio’s management should also be supportive and helpful with marketing your business and handling new client calls. By taking the time to research the reputation of the salon suite, you can protect the reputation of your own business. 

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If you are motivated to move into a salon suite, set a goal to do so in 2023 and be patient as you work towards achieving success. If you are still trying to decide if this is the right decision, consider checking out the linked information for more guidance.

Chair Rental vs. Salon Suite 

Are you looking to tour one of the Cosmo Salon facilities? Click here to schedule your appointment. 

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