How to Clean Your Hairstyling Tools

As a hairstylist, it’s vital to take care of your hairstyling tools.

Not only will regularly cleaning your tool protect them from damage so that you don’t have to constantly buy new ones, but it’s sanitary for your clients that sit on your stool each day. In this post, we’re sharing the best ways to clean your hairstyling tools and accessories to prevent product build-up and ensure they work properly.


Hairbrushes and Combs 

Strands of hair tend to get caught in the bristles of hairbrushes and combs. To start cleaning your brushes, first, remove any hair that is stuck. At times, the hair may be tough to remove. Carefully use scissors to cut the strands for a quick removal. Do this step in between each client’s appointment to make sure the brush glides gently through the hair as it is supposed to.


If there is any product on the hair, it’s likely there is leftover residue on the bristles. Let your hairbrushes and combs soak in a tub of warm water with cleansing soap until the product is completely washed away. Then, let the brush dry fully before you use it again. Try to clean your brushes every day.


Flat and Curling Irons

 When it comes to flat and curling irons, they need to be cleaned frequently to properly achieve the styling look you are going for. Hairspray and thermal sprays can quickly build up on styling tools requiring you to clean them after every use.


To clean, make sure the iron is unplugged before you begin. Grab a damp washcloth and rub it over the barrel or plate, removing as much residue as you can. Stick to water and avoid cleansers. These products often shouldn’t be used with high temperatures and can ruin the iron. After you have washed the flat or curling iron, let it dry fully before you use it again.



As a hairdresser, you are using your shears constantly. It’s important to clean your shears every day to remove the product residue and oil them to get rid of any hair built up in the pivot of the blades. To clean, apply alcohol to each of the blades using a cotton ball. Rub a few drops of shear oil at the center of the shears. Do this each night and let them soak until morning. The next day, wipe the blades clean before you use them again.



Similar to your shears, razors need to be cleaned each day. Your razors build up a ton of hair as you use them and typically need to be cleaned after each use. Remove the blade and discard the excess hair. Wipe the metal parts with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to get rid of product residue. Reapply a new blade to the razor.


Blow Dryer

It’s a common misconception that you don’t need to clean your blow dryer. However, similar to your other styling tools, it’s important to keep your blow dryer clean so it performs its best. Also, there are so many germs lingering in the back vent of the blow dryer. Most blow dryers have the ability to remove or open the vent to dump out the dust. If possible, open it and with a damp washcloth, wipe the filter to clear the dust off. Be sure to let the blow dryer dry fully before you use it again. Try to do this process once per week.


Hair Accessories

 Clips and hair ties need to be cleaned as well. Depending on how frequently you use your clips and hair ties, they can either be washed once a day to once a month. To clean clips and hair ties, soak them in a bowl with warm water and a few drops of shampoo. Rub each with your fingers to help remove some of the product residue that may be leftover. Dry them with a towel.


Smaller items such as bobby pins or elastics don’t need to cleaned. These are easily replaceable items that can be thrown away after use.


Maintaining a clean set of tools is key to getting your desired look and can make or break a client’s experience with you. Being aware of cleanliness is a major part of owning your own salon. Get started today with Cosmo Salon Studios.


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